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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hmm lot of day nv post le busy wif my prelim hee~~~

nth much to blog la exam result still can lo fail my Geo as usually?haha 20/50!
YEA!1st time pass my ss teast sia although not veri high?26/50 but at least i got pass ma
rite?haha!tml got chinese whole day lehz sure veri sian de=.=

den today go cwp wif darling lo shop shop haha still can la choose the present for her fren?
den now i blogging now?but den hmm lot of hw coming in le mus prepare to DO DO N DO
wahaha!blog till here Bye

Love u Lots

THe LoVe i Promise U


Monday, August 14, 2006

WEee~today is mi n my darling de 1 month le!so the happi haha aniway this few days lazy to blog la sianz haha today special got thing to write den i blog lo hahaha

today wake up same thing fetch my darling den go sch...haha den got my sci paper?phy is easy but the bloody chem difficult sia~do until i sian haha finish exam le YEAH! go out of sch eat ice cream darling have co sia

6+ go take flower?for my darling de hee...reach there 7 liao paisehz let u wait so long sry hor haha i gif her flower?she gif mi secret dun wan tell u all ahah~after tt send her home den go home lo~hee n now i blogging wahah


THe LoVe i Promise U


Thursday, August 10, 2006

WeE~today afternoon den wake up tired ytd tok on phone till 3+ hee fun~

today 12.30 wake up jus good my darling oso wake up le hee...den sms den she ask mi go lunch?
meet 2 but i late thankz to my good fren ken and company LOL!nvm reach there they jus start eating de we see lo see them eat~haha Ming Rui sry la dun angry le K?haha

after they finish den pei her go home den off we go Cwp!
reach there 3.15 liao eat le den went arcade awhile de 4.15 ken buy thing again thankz to him i once late again to gif my daling the math textbk!=.=den rush back lo take taxi n go home take the bk for her den run to my darling hse gif her reach there she start tuition le Sry i am still late her sis pass her the math textbk n i go home while walking back i was sweating.. jus as i jus bath come out haha coz reali fr my hse run till her hse think got 5min wor haha den rest awhile=2hr haha!den now i am blogging hee...

LoVe u lot Ming HUi!><

THe LoVe i Promise U


sian~today play com half day while my darling at IMM!!!

hmm today 11+ wake up den my darling SMS mi so happi!den sms awhile i go brush teeth den online^^den i saw my darling online sms den chit chat lo den lalala~ till 3+she went out le sobsobTT den i dunnoe do wad den my fren call mi 4+ go play basketball lo

tt my day today after tt went eat mac so full n yummy eat ice cream oso haha!
den chit chat oso hee...till 10 den slowkt walk back to my hse there i go in gif my bro the mac den i wen out chit chat lo den 11+ den they went home! den my now my darling calling mi^^
hee...i promise i wun bluff u n always love u!
mango pig><


THe LoVe i Promise U


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

today quite fun?erm...early morning same thing go fetch my darling this time i early hehe!after tt go sch?today half day so sian~coz national eve so half day....after tt went home rush...LOL!after tt go meet my darling at KBOX!yaya but i nv sing i listen to them..quite ok la but i fall aslp jus for a while haha!

AFTER THAT WENT TO A PLACE I NV GO BEFORE N WANTED TO GO FOR A LONG TIME!WHICH IS holland village! LOL Thx to weili bring mi go ^^haha hav fun there hor the dog do cute?hahA!went lots of place shop la Bring mi to the which i cant go 1 pls thiink i am a boi LOL!

7 plus go back woodland darling go take key fr her mummy acumpani her home den i go home le n now i blogging...although it far today but i dun mind wor weili next time bring mi go again!i wan eat the bread?which u say like pizza haha!MING HUI!CANT STOP LOVING U!

THe LoVe i Promise U


Monday, August 07, 2006

WeEt~today tired yAwn~6am wake up le^^6.30 go out...walk walk den i realise is 6.50 omg?i forget i need to fetch my darling quick walk LOL..reach her blk thought she go liao wait wait wait at last see her come down liao scare mi haha!

aacumpani her n her sista to sch reach le den i go canteen sit sit after tt flag rising sian~so long today sing sch song sia!so hot summore i suggest sch not to sing sch songXDtt the best solution HAHAHA!den i hab my chinese test lo paper 1 quite ok la but papper 2 abit difficult after resting 15min test again!chinese paper 2...the li jie wen da so difficult sia...ZzZzZ..reading the passage den i fall aslp knock onto the table den i wake up liao<>

after sch YEA!went to movie wif my buddy!haha watch the fast and furious?yup Nice show man drift so nice hahah!after tt went back to sch fetch my darling hehe!gif her i buy de mai ya tang haha!nice ma?i think nice lehz i nv try tt flavour haha tell mi if it nice?erm after tt went home n now i am blogging here heheXD[LOVE U LOTS]

THe LoVe i Promise U


Sunday, August 06, 2006

haiz sian lehz today..i think today nth much to blog?no ppl at home kinda of weird?today my darling hav tuition haha she say the tuition teacher keep on looking at her hp see got reply a not...y u nv she her u got bf already izzit LOL next time mus ask ma haha..tease her will be fun..

today 11.30 wake up jus good my darling tuition time zzz nth to do go browse website see eat lunch after tt watch some tv inflence by HER!^^"now blogging today no chance see her sobsob?but tml i will see her again muhahah so excited!haaa...

after her tuition she do hw den i sian again!den i go play game awhile den eat again fall aslp at the chair hahaha!wake up de see she finish liao...and now i am blogging haha!shall blog lata if got thing to update!

THe LoVe i Promise U


Saturday, August 05, 2006

weet` this my 1 posting so guy bear wif it baXD.let see today will be quite sian le my darling going her gong gong hse.TT...nvm onli 1 day rite haha gonna miss u much today sobsob~

thX to my ownself i manage to complete the blog myself haha~=Xbut oso to my mummy?she teach mi how to link 1^^hehe ty...

as usually lo wake up 11.59 alittle bit early den my darling?she 12 wake up haha den on com lo zzz so sian 1...after a while is online liao LOL!xin you lin xi yi dian tong?tis is wad ppl say 1 haha=Xsure blog lata if ani thing happened LOL aniway my mummy cook chicken wing soo yummy LOL

shall continue wif my post hehe today hav a chance to see her?so happi hehe maybe i addicted to her le die le LOL!nvm addicted lo when to eat wif kendrick meet her...after tt send her home under her blk her sis and her std chit chat den mi n my std ,kendrick and yong he stand at the stair see den we chit chat oso haha!after tt they went home...we go play basketball a while but i didnt play feeling tired so i sit there see they play=Dafter tt went home lo n now here blogging hehe!shall post tml again!
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